”Claim on my heart” out now!

The sixth single ”Claim on my heart” is now released!

Featuring Josefine Wassler on background vocals.

It’s 22.46, it’s getting late and Jack’s lashing out.

”Car Keys” out now!

(May) the fourth single ”Car Keys” is now released!

Featuring Daniel Trobell on drums and percussion, Johan Nyberg on bass, Josefine Wassler on backing vocals and Jonne Bentlöv on trumpet and flügelhorn.

It’s 21.14, Jack’s on the rise, feeling lucky

”Too good” out now!

Third single ”Too Good” is now released!

Featuring Josefin Wassler on backing vocals and Jonne Bentlöv on trumpet and flügelhorn.

It’s 21.02, ”Of course I’m stressed out, but that’s my life, yup. Lot’s and lot’s and lot’s to do. You?” – Are you for real or are you nuts?

”Don’t look any further” out now!

Second single ”Don’t look any further” is now released!

It’s 20.22, Time to go, prepared to meet people, aching to tell them my story.

”In your eyes” out now!

The first single ”In your eyes” is now released.

It’s 19.47, Jack’s in the hotel room, thinking of getting ready for the night. To head down to the lobby. To get some action. To make it all happen. To be the one that someone can be into.

Release dates

Here are the release dates for the 8 singles from the album ”Sad Jack” and also the times in the evening when Jack experiences them. Album release 180514.

1. In your eyes – 19.47
Release date: 180427

2. Too good – 20.22
Release date: 180429

3. Don’t look any further – 21.02
Release date: 180502

4. Car keys – 21.14
Release date: 180504

5. Plain disaster – 22.38
Release date: 180506

6. Claim on my heart – 22.46
Release date: 180508

7. Mind Flow – 23.11
Release date: 180510

8. Shut your mouth – 23.56
Release date: 180512

The songs/delusions

Check out the track info and credits for the nine songs on the new page Track info

Only a few touches to the mixes remain and then Sad Jack’s night out can go live. Release are to be expected with a (chronological) bang in April 2018.