New album released! ”All we’re waiting for” – Sad Jack’s third full length album – on all platforms and services as of the 20th of March 2024.

Sad Jack is the not entirely charming alter ego of Stockholm based songwriter/singer/producer Lars Edvall. Debut Album ”Sad Jack” (released spring 2018) has been followed by four singles and two EP:s. On July the 11th 2020 the follow-up album, ”Failure anthems”, was released, featuring even more colourful soundscape than ever before.

New single out! ”On display” – an homage to one of the great synth bands of all time, but also a visit into the typical, twisted and tormented Jack.

Three new songs released! No street’s too long, Undecided and Dust. Three very different songs, but also very alike in the darkness that surrounds them.

New EP released! ”EPiphanies”, containing four new songs out 22th of July 2021! Stories told by four different voices – a young LGBT+ person, a handgun, a small servant robot and an outkast.

On July the 11th 2020 Jack’s sophomore album, ”Failure anthems”, was released, featuring horns, strings and an even more colourful soundscape than ever before. Lyrics-wise you will recognise Jack’s messed up mind for sure. 12 songs spanning from vampire-themed shoe-gazing rock to meticulously produced pop, to stripped melancholy to ethereal mountain climbing.

Release party of ”8848” with full band live gig 19th of October 2019. See News and/or Media section for info and clips.

New EP release – ”Songs So Summerish” on the 12th of July 2019.

Sad Jack’s relationship to reality is like the fork’s to the entire universe. Follow his night out chronologically at different places through nine songs/moments/delusions on the 2018 debut album:

19.47 – ”In your eyes” – hotel room

20.22 – ”Don’t look any further” – elevator

21.02 – ”2 good” – lobby

21.14 – ”Car keys” – thinking ahead a bit

22.38 – ”Plain disaster” – old aquaintancies

22.46 – ”Claim on my heart” – running idle

23.11 – ”M F” – change of perspective

23.56 – ”Shut your mouth” – oh, this charming man

00.34 – ”Jack” – say what?