Track comments ”All we’re waiting for”

  • 1. ”SAVE ME

I pretended I could follow you to the end of the earth, but lost as I am, I need you to be there for me too.

Additional personnel: backing vocals – Josefine Wassler

  • 2. ”Left of what’s right”

An in odd meter plea for guidance.

Additional personnel: Cello – Andreas Lavotha, violin & viola – Conny Lindgren. Written on the island of Yxlan.

  • 3. No street’s too long

This heroine has accepted her fate and walks on, pushing forward despite all the weight on her shoulders.

The song was written during a visit in a home decoration store and seeing the first (of the new) ”Dune” movie right after that just clarified the vision of what would become the ”grinding in the mines” soundscape.

  • 4. Days of glory

I knew this would happen. I knew it from the beginning.

Additional personnel: Bass – Johan Nyberg. Jack also premieres on trumpet. The percussion pattern from 2003, with ”the sad elephant’s drum”, retrieved from the original demo (in another tempo and key) thanks to a bit of AI technology.

Song written by Josefina Sanner & Lars Edvall.

  • 5. Asking for a friend

I am gonna be myself now, time to pull the curtains and serve the realness.

Additional personnel: Bass – Johan Nyberg, backing vocals – Josefine Wassler, Cello – David Bukovinszky, violin – Mattias Johansson. String recording engineer – Mattias Bylund. Written on the island of Yxlan. The guitar/bass riff is based on inhale/exhale rythm during running in the forests of the island. Story told through the lense of a young LGBT+ person.

  • 6. Virginia

Jack’s secret dream or the harsh reality?

Additional personnel: backing vocals – Josefine Wassler.

Born out of a strange dream in which I admired the complex rythm pattern the drummer of Céline Dion practised backstage so much I had to steal it. Waking up I tried to voice memo the rythm, but couldn’t quite remember it. The song was called ”Céline” for quite some time until a guest, Virginia Schutte, on Tom Scott’s pod ”Lateral” unknowingly lent her name to the song’s title.

  • 7. On display

”Sister, scalpel!”

The instrumental part was an improvised bit I did singing lullabies for my son. One workday later the whole thing was recorded, mixed and finished, including album cover.

  • 8. Polarity

There is no middle ground – which side are you on? How deep does the rabbit hole take you?

Overall sound idea (and key) inspired by a segment from Jeff Chapman’s ”Want that life”, a song on which I recorded vocals. I immediately knew that part of that kind of musical idea would suit Sad Jack and decided I would do something out of it.

  • 9. Undecided

Let’s just make that decision another day.

Additional personnel: Bass – Johan Nyberg. Jack on drums.

  • 10. Revolver

Not a metaphor – the story is told by the voice of a handgun.

Additional personnel: drums – Daniel Trobell, backing vocals – Josefine Wassler

  • 11. Battle me

I know you’re grinning as soon as you turn your back on me.

Another song written on the island of Yxlan. Vacation is apparently the time for Jack’s songs to emerge.

  • 12. All we’re waiting for

Time to end the charade now?

Additional personnel: drums – Daniel Trobell, strings – Conny Lindgren, bass – Johan Nyberg, backing vocals – Josefine Wassler

All songs produced, arranged and mixed by Lars Edvall.

Album mastered by Anders Hellgren at Masteringsbyrån