Track info

  • 1. ”In your eyes” – 19.47 – hotel room

It’s a love song, really. Jack just doesn’t have anyone to apply it to.

Release 180427


  • 2. ”Don’t look any further” – 21.02 – elevator

Tie adjustment, hair checked in the mirror. Confidence at its most confident expressed.

Additional personnel: composer – Daniel Vitellaro

Release 180429


  • 3. ”Too good” – 20.22 – lobby

What if life could be just that good? Leave that daily struggle behind and just go with the flow. “Are you real or are you nuts?”

Additional personnel: backing vocals – Josefine Wassler, trumpet & flügelhorn – Jonne Bentlöv

Release 180502


  • 4. ”Car Keys” – 21.14 – thinking ahead a bit

More of Jack’s confidence. And kind of the musical version of Barney Stinsons “… wait for it …”-catchphrase.

Additional personnel: drums – Daniel Trobell, bass – Johan Nyberg, backing vocals – Josefine Wassler, trumpet & flügelhorn – Jonne Bentlöv

Release 180504


  • 5. ”Plain disaster” – 22.38 – old aquaintances

No, the answer should be no. Should be.

Release 180506


  • 6. ”Claim on my heart” – 22.46 – running idle

Oh, these voices in my head. Keep repeating stuff over and over and over again. – Must. Say. Something. Back. To. Them. Loudly.

Additional personnel: backing vocals – Josefine Wassler

Release 180508


  • 7. ”M F” – 23.11 – change of perspective

From the corners of Jack’s mind different mindsets are charging in.

Additional personnel: drums – Daniel Trobell

Release 180510


  • 8. ”Shut your mouth” – 23.56 – oh, this charming man

Say what, Jack? “Let go, it’s over, nobody listens to techno.”

Release 185012

  • 9. ”Jack” – 00.34 – What?

A sudden reality check.

Release 180514


Songs written by Reimer/Edvall (c) Beatlife Publishing except ”Don’t look any further”, written by Reimer/Edvall/Vitellaro (c) Beatlife Publishing.

Produced and mixed by Lars Edvall for Beatlife at Beatlife Studio B 2017-2018.

A BIG BIG thank you to the involved musicians for their talent and creative input – Mattias Reimer, Daniel Trobell, Josefine Wassler, Johan Nyberg, & Jonne Bentlöv!

And also the biggest thank you of all to my beautiful Elin who’s always supportive and say yes and no the right things  <3