Track comments ”Sad Jack”

  • 1. ”In your eyes” – 19.47 – hotel room

Written in the car whilst driving. Heard the first bars of a song (”Kelly” by Amason) on the radio and thought “this is how this song should continue”. Which it of course didn’t, but “In your eyes” were written instantly in my head, most of the words scribbled down a few minutes later when the trip was over.


  • 2. ”Don’t look any further” – 21.02 – elevator

Originally an powerful upbeat EDM-ish song topline, written for the Asian market, now turned a bit slower and more sensual.

Additional personnel: composer – Daniel Vitellaro


  • 3. ”2 good” – 20.22 – lobby

Written about a decade ago, just waiting for the right place to land. A bit of ”New York, New York”, a bit of ”If I ain’t got you” and various other elements. And of course a little flirt with the classic Commodore 64-sound at the end.

Additional personnel: backing vocals – Josefine Wassler, trumpet & flügelhorn – Jonne Bentlöv


  • 4. ”Car Keys” – 21.14 – thinking ahead a bit

I wanted the modulation after three and a half minute to have the same effect as I remembered from the video of ”How come you don’t call me anymore” by Alicia Keys as it changes (from a very programmed sound) into a live venue gig with full band. Otherwise I kind of wanted it a little bit Prince-y. Little did I know that that song actually was written by him and I had never heard his version of it. (Still haven’t.) Lyrically inspired by a particular last song from the legendary George Michael album Faith.

Additional personnel: drums – Daniel Trobell, bass – Johan Nyberg, backing vocals – Josefine Wassler, trumpet & flügelhorn – Jonne Bentlöv


  • 5. ”Plain disaster” – 22.38 – old aquaintances

The opposite of ”Don’t look any further” – Originally much softer as most of this albums material has had the intention to be performed with voice and solo guitar only. Written summer of -17 together with ”Jack” in the country house.


  • 6. ”Claim on my heart” – 22.46 – running idle

Again a slowed down version of a first demo that was more like ”When love takes over” by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland, which itself was a total theft from ”Clocks” by Coldplay. But the chord sequence are one of the most beautiful ever, so they’re forgiven – as I forgive myself for going down that road too.

Additional personnel: backing vocals – Josefine Wassler


  • 7. ”M F” – 23.11 – change of perspective

The second Sad Jack song to be written with him in mind but the last one to find its sound and having the major parts recorded.

Additional personnel: drums – Daniel Trobell


  • 8. ”Shut your mouth” – 23.56 – oh, this charming man

Again a little George Michael-ish feel, combined with some Marcella Detroit-inspiration and a touch of Depeche Mode. Absolutely no affiliation with The Smiths or Eminem.


  • 9. ”Jack” – 00.34 – What?

Demo recorded on the porch, summer of -17, at the country house with cell phone headset microphone. Primarily intended to be kept in that original version because that recording exactly captured the feeling I was aiming for. A few parts had to be re-recorded but the lo-fi sound and feeling of that original one take was hard to recreate.