Release gig with full band

On the 19th of October Sad Jack will celebrate the release of the new single ”8848” with a live gig at Restaurang Landet in Sthlm. Free entrance – venue doors open at 20.00.

Joining Jack on stage are some of the musicians that have contributed to earlier tracks, such as Josefine Wassler (vocals, percussion), Daniel Trobell (drums) and Johan Nyberg (bass), as well as some other good friends – Tias Engvall (guitars, vocals) and Magnus Funemyr (vocals, keyboards, percussion).

The performance will be filmed and multitrack recorded for future purposes. Very very welcome!

Songs So Summerish finally released!

The three track EP ”Songs So Summerish” is now released. It contains two brand new tracks and, as a bonus, a cover of the first track on 80’s synth band Alphaville’s debut album – ”A victory of love”. Buy it on iTunes, Amazon or stream on Spotify, Tidal et cetera

Strings on ”Place to be” are played by Thomas von Wachenfeldt and as usual all tracks are mastered by Anders Hellgren/Music in the making.

Cover revealed for SSS

”Songs so summerish” will feature a photo taken on Västerbron in Stockholm at approx. 03.45 on a Sunday morning after a gig. Aiming to catch both the beauty and the sadness of those late summer nights as well as the different emotions in the songs of the EP.

”Songs so summerish”

An EP with three songs will be released in the beginning of July. The track list is as follows:

  1. Place to be
  2. Are you being home
  3. A victory of love

The first two tracks are newly written, the first one featuring Thomas von Wachenfeldt on strings and the third one is a cover of the classic opening track from legendary synth band Alphaville’s debut album from 1984.

Random Sounds released!

”Random sounds” including bonus track ”In your eyes (Acoustic version)” is released. Buy on iTunes, Amazon or stream on Spotify, Tidal et cetera

”Random Sounds”

Yes, at last! On the 27th of April there will be a new release from Sad Jack, the slightly more bombastic song ”Random Sounds” (in which there are of course no random sounds to be heard). Graphic concept for the video is under development and Jack’s so excited to soon be able to share this one with all of you! A bonus track will also be included – a version of one of the most popular Sad Jack songs in its original arrangement. Official emoji for the ”Random Sounds”: 🔀🔊

LUCY (inhale/exhale) released!

The new single is released on all major platforms, already receiving lots of praise. Featuring once again Josefine Wassler on backing vocals. This time it finally seems like Jack’s got lucky. But then again, it might just be in his head …

New single in October!

Already doing the final touches on mix and artwork, Sad Jack will be releasing a brand new song – ”Lucy (inhale/exhale)” – by the end of October. Guest vocals by the always perfectly delivering Josefine Wassler a.k.a J-Wazz. Exciting times indeed!

First official gig!

Jack would like to thank everyone that showed up, from the past and from the present, from Italy to Brazil, from early until late at the release gig at WY13.

We, the musicians, had a blast and it seemed like the crowd agreed. 8 songs from the album were performed as well as two previously unreleased tracks and a cover version of ”Shotgun down the avalanche” by Shawn Colvin.

Thanks to Johan Nyberg (bass and vocals) and Emil Olin (drums) for the support and to Jade Ell and Glashuset WY13 for organizing the event.